It’s SSSo Easy. Solve, Simplify, Save! 

Large Companies- Solve, Simplify, Save!
Drive your business forward with a reliable and dedicated team. Expert Strategy & Consulting. Staff Augmentation, 24×7 Help Desk Support with Fast Resolution. Outsourced support services. Enhanced Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity. Options for Advanced Security services. Proactive On-site support.
Medium Companies- Simplify, Solve, Save!
Flexible and Scalable Solutions to Help Grow Your Business. Complete IT support, quick response, and fast solutions to help grow your business. Fully managed IT Support Services. 24×7 Help Desk Support with FastResolution. Highly Available and Fully Customizable Cloud solutions. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity. On-site Support Options.
Small Companies- Save, Simplify, Solve!
Solutions that Simplify your technology now and can scale up in the future. Monthly fee. Certified professionals. Comprehensive support for users, desktops, servers and devices. Integration for your Cloud services. 24×7 remote help desk and on-site support. Network Monitoring tools. Data Backup & Protection

Products and Services

Project Management, Network Administration, Meaningful Use Compliance, Application Development, Application Management, SharePoint Portal, Business Intelligence, Casino Games
Project Management
Information Technology, Networks and Applications Development, Implementation, Maintenance, Migration
Enterprise Network Administration
Networks, Implementation, Maintenance, Migration
Meaningful Use Compliance
TARP Meaningful Use compliance Evaluation and Implementation
Application Development
.Net, Java, Google Apps, Iterative, RAD, JAD, Agile, Scrum
Application Administration and Support
ERP, CRM, SalesForce, Dynamics NAV, SugarCRM, OpenCRM, Google Business Apps, Sharepoint Portal, Microsoft Office 365
Typical applications to operate the business. Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Accounting, Financial Reporting, Subscription, Billing, Inventory Management, Document Management, Publishing, Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Calendar, Meeting Planner, Online Meeting, Desktop Sharing, Online Simulator, Learning (LMS), Web Site Builder.
Business Intelligence
Data Warehouse, Data Mining, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, MDX
Casino Games
Class II, Compacted, Video Bingo Reels Combination, Bonus Games Luck or Skill, Online, On Location
Networks, Programming


What’s the difference in CRM, ERP, CMS?
CRM is focused on sales and marketing, ERP is focused on administration and management.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Manage interaction with current and future customers. Use technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support
Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)
Store and manage data from stages of the business cycle. Product planning, cost and development, Manufacturing, Marketing and sales, Inventory management, Shipping and payment
Content Management System (CMS)
Publish, edit and modify content and maintenance from a content interface. Avoids continuous computer programming.
Reporting for ERP
Business Intelligence Reporting (BI), Data Warehousing
Data Migration, Business Intelligence
Microsoft BI Stack
Microsofts suite of applications for reporting: Sql Server Integration Services (SSIS), Sql Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Sql Server Report Server (SSRS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Multidimensional Expressions (MDX).
Data Integration: ETL, Information Lifecycle Management, B2B Data Exchange, Cloud Data Integration, Complex Event Processing, Data Masking, Data Quality, Data Replication, Data Virtualization, Master Data Management.
Integrated business intelligence and planning solution to meet the needs of corporate reporting.
Crystal Reports
Design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources
ERP, CRM, CMS, Company and Corporate Systems
Dynamics ERP, CRM, Salesforce, eBusiness Suite, QuickBooks, FreshDesk, PeachTree, Sharepoint, Joomla, WordPress.
Books and ERP
Company Accounting, Customer, Vendor, Inventory, Marketing and Enterprise Resource Planning
What is ERP?
What is a ERP for small business? You might say it’s something like your quickbooks, email, contacts, lead generation, advertising, inventory, financial reporting, integrated into one application.


Security, Networking, Hotspots, Encryption, Performance, Simplicity, Flexible
Achieve security for your companies systems and information. Easy setup for access points. Secure encryption, high availability performance. Simply and flexible solutions.
-Wireless networking
1 – Access Points – Quick Setup
2 – Wireless Networking – Secure, Available and Reliable
3 – Easy Hot Spots


Business Phones, VOIP, Cloud
All the best features and reasonable prices. Voicemail-to-email for convenient lead tracking. Manage your time better with professional automatic attendants, call handling and built-in voicemail. Improve operations with advanced, easy-to-use features, large displays and cordless mobility. Grow your business streamline your operations, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
1 – Phone
2 – VOIP
3 – Cloud


Security physical security and desktop computer security, network, access control, cameras.
Focus on Security. Not only the physical security of equipment but computer, network and access to systems.
1 – Physical Security
2 – Computer Security
3 – Network Security
4 – Access Control
5 – Camera

Support Plans

Gold– Solve, Simplify, Save!
-Drive your business forward with a reliable and dedicated team.
-Expert Strategy & Consulting
-Staff Augmentation
-24×7 Help Desk Support with Fast Resolution
-Outsourced support services
-Enhanced Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
-Options for Advanced Security services
-Proactive On-site support.

Silver– Simplify, Solve, Save!
-Flexible and Scalable Solutions to Help Grow Your Business.
-Complete IT support
-Quick response
-Fast solutions to help grow your business.
-Fully managed IT Support Services.
-24×7 Help Desk Support with Fast Resolution.
-Highly Available and Fully Customizable Cloud solutions.
-Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.
-On-site Support Options.

Bronze– Save, Simplify, Solve!
-Solutions that Simplify your technology now and can scale up in the future.
-Monthly fee.
-Certified professionals.
-Comprehensive support for users, desktops, servers and devices.
-Integration for your Cloud services.
-24×7 remote help desk and on-site support.
-Network Monitoring tools. Data Backup & Protection